If you are not already familiar with the Service Industry Association (SIA) it is commonly referred to as being the authorititve organisation around the high tech service supply chain.

Each year the association holds a number of key events around the world, with the last event having been in January over in Palm Springs (USA) and previous events last year held in Ohio, Las Vegas and Paris.

The Service Industry Association

Coming up in the next few days is the annual Summit – a gathering from around the world to the famous Paris Hotel in Las Vegas for a three day conference that covers everything from finance and private equity in the industry to trends and analysis of the service industry all the way to what the OEMs are doing and the legal issues surrounding such important matters as the right to repair.

The Global Executive Summit is a place where like minded executives of the SIA gather to meet annual to discuss the current state of the industry and where things might be heading in the near future. With key decision makers present as well as highly relevant and interesting keynote speakers – this is one event not to miss.

Here are our five reasons the SIA Annual Summit 2019 is a firm fixture in our schedule this year.

  1. Thought leader strategies – not just the title of one of the sessions but truly one of the main reasons to attend this year. Hear from those in the industry who are not only actively running their businesses but doing so at scale and experiecing much of the same problems as everyone else there.
  2. No one is off limits – at many conferences those speaking are impossible to chat to after the fact. The way the SIA operates in an open and inclusive manner allows anyone to discuss freely and you will always notice speakers sat around for hours on end usually discussing matters with attendees of the conference. No rush – just good sharing of industry knowledge and expertise.
  3. Its a place where all executives go to learn – whether you are the CEO meeting and discussing the industry or a CMO/CTO/etc there is plenty for everyone. This year includes a talk from a great CTO called “I’m Not Dead, I Feel Fine: Market, Lifecycle of Hardware and Why TPM’s Make Sense”
  4. The European events are great, the USA quarterly events work as great moments to pick back up on conversations had prior – but nothing compares to 100+ senior executives in a room all sharing the common goal of getting better results for the industry.
  5. Because – who doesn’t enjoy Las Vegas in April? An evening grand finale dinner on the rooftop of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas for everyone to get together one final time and celebrate the successes of individuals, organisations and the industry at large.