One of the most significant words used in Kosovo as we began to build our office and infrastructure there was BESA. A bond so strong it would never be broken. We hire, train and support locally and have BESA as one of our core principals in how we do business globally not just how we operate locally.

“Besa is a word in the Albanian language meaning pledge of honour. The concept is based upon faithfulness toward one’s word in the form of loyalty or as an allegiance guarantee..”


With that in our culture both in our people and in our business – our BESA to the local community is a pledge of honour to donate at least 1% of our profits, employees time and companies resources to aid in supporting the regeneration, growth and stability of the region. Giving to those in need, supporting those who need it the most and being effective with our time, money and resources.

We will not be sharing all the details of how and what we give as BESA is better kept private sometimes, however we are making this announcement public as we wish for anyone in the Kosovo region who believes they can help us in our mission to contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

BESA – Team Velez