Many industries in recent years have been making large strides towards finding a balance between providing excellent experience to customers and maintaining cost control whilst attempting to be consumer driven. Certain industries, healthcare for example may be slighly behind the curve with this however what we have seen without a doubt is a real consumer-centric drive towards enhancing the overall experience both in skill set as well as capabilities that can mitigate increasing costs for both the organisation and the consumer.

Whilst we typically work with telecommunication and IT companies when it comes to leveraging business process outsourcing (BPO), strengths such as design led thinking, full lifecycle of processes and rapid scalability of staff is something that most industries can benefit from. Faced with an ever growing need of prioritization for what the customer requires and how soon they require it, BPO and staff augmentation has become a real choice for the small to medium sized organisations and no longer just the large corporates.

Over the years, large corporates have outsourced many of their systems, processes and people to places as far out as India and the Philippines in order to cut cost and increase producitvity. This has for the most part been successful for many – however determining who should be the outsourcing partner of choice is always going to be a cost benefit analysis but should really take into consideration the end consumer.

Today our BPO offerings bring insights, optimization, and strategic efficiencies to global operations. Whether a software development organisation needing additional developers, telecomunication giants requiring back off assistance and contract management—managing a delicate and often challenging balance of front- and back-office demands means that the BPO provider must  work closely with both its client and its staff to ensure a smooth operation.

Velez adapts to changes in technology, market trends and customer demands all whilst utilising best of breed software solutions to ensure that the job gets done with both in-house staff and the clients own staff are happy. The BPO approach has matured over the years from an outsourced location with a time zone across the globe that is difficult to manage, to what we now have is a distributed coordinated effort across mulitple timezones and languages in order to optimize allocation of staff, increasing both process efficiency and data analysis of the results.

Some may say that these changes pose challenges to the outsourcing model; however, it is actually the opposite—and notably for healthcare’s reliance on end-to-end solutions. Over the past 40 years of outsourcing’s history, many BPO organizations have transcended their roles as providers of labor arbitrage and consistently shown themselves to be true ambassadors of transformation.

Today’s our Telecommunication & IT BPO offerings focus on building efficient capacity augmentation with a growth mindset to encourage those people working in these positions to go above and beyond, aligning cultures not just timezones and making a difference to the lives of all involved.

No matter the strategy employed in a good BPO, partnerships are built on the results. Those who view BPO as nothing more than a cost-cutting excercise are missing out on the real value that BPO can achieve. Meaningful changes to the organisation that can help eliminate siloes and bring into alignment business objectives to achieve true operational efficiencies and impact the business and those who surround it.