Corporate Social Responsibility


Being able to cope with CSR means taking care of society inside and outside of the company. For us, Velez Managed services, the planet, charity, employees, and customer service, are very important.
Also for Velez Managed Services, extraordinary client support concentrates on treating clients well, addressing questions, and surpassing their expectations. This approach assists us with drawing in clients and construct solid connections. Being at the forefront of global managed services means doing right by the customer, first time, every time. It is critical to guarantee a positive client experience, so clients build loyalty and affinity.


Thinking of employees in the same way—as customers—may similarly improve both key business outcomes and employees’ experience. To cooperate with this, we as Velez, aim to provide employees with a cover of activities starting from basics such as, health insurance, health and safety set, up to four out of city trips per year. Hence, the corporate wellness marketplace began decades ago with a highly specific focus on employee physical health and safety. We as Velez are very keen on keeping equal rights as a priority. We achieve doing this by treating each other as our friends no-matter if the other person is team member, customer, or a dedicated citizen.

Waste Management

Waste management is for the protection of the environment through powerful waste administration strategies to ensure well-being, prosperity, environment and to forestall contamination. At Velez Managed Services, we decreased paper waste, provided employees with filtered water and permit telecommuting. We have recycling bins divided into general, metal, plastics, and paper. We know that if we reduce, reuse and recycle we are helping the environment heal and letting nature take its course.

Customer Service

A solid organization will as of now have incredible client connections. However, a smart organization will consistently ask “what more could we offer to our customer service?”. Great client support revolves around cautiously tuning in and taking care of your clients’ needs and wants. We have and still make sure to provide, patience and consistency, adaptability, clear communication, and work ethic. For us, maintaining a good reputation and satisfying every client is a must. We do this by listening to clients’ needs and requests, fulfilling them to their standards even overdelivering, clear communication and transparency, and making sure they are informed about the process and updated frequently until completion of the request. Customer success is integral to the success of the company, so when we help customers succeed, we do too.


Our Velez company, decided to make corporate donations since the work environment culture can improve and increase employee’s inclusion and a positive general attitude. We donate to help others in need, by providing meals for starving families, clothes that we and our employees no longer need and small gifts to brighten a child’s day. We believe that every little bit helps, and we want to make a difference in the lives of individuals as much as we can

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