COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

With the world reporting further cases of COVID-19, we have instructed all members of staff across our various offices to work from home with immediate effort in an effort to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus virus.

Our business continuity plan will aid to support our ability to service our clients globally, remotely and with little to no interference to normal business operations.

Whilst certain aspects of the business will slow down due to the nature of implementing this – we expect service delivery to continue as usual.

Further being taken into consideration for COVID-19 are

  • All day-to-day tasks and support enquires will be accessed as the team continues to use all regular internal systems and pre-existing access.
  • Office phones continuing to direct access to our helpdesk team and support groups. 
  • All in person meetings will be replaced by virtual meetings.
  • All employees have been guided to work from home, providing laptops and other needed equipment, to have access to day to day work. 
  • In cases when needed to be at office, our offices have been provided with hand sanitiser stations, cleaning disinfectants and employees have been advised to avoid close contact.
  • All our services will continue to run and function normally. 
  • We have setup advisory board who are tasked with tracking situation and reporting back to the team, thus, adopting changes whenever they occur.
  • For all support clients, travel to and from clients locales is still allowed however trying to limit potential exposure/spreading of the disease, we ask that staff are tolerant as we exhaust all remote investigating estimates first before despatching an engineer to site. Similarly, we kindly ask that all clients make us aware of any flare-ups or diagnosis promptly with the goal that we can avoid potential risk ourselves.
  • All our outboard travelling stays on hold until it is safe to do so. 
  • Team engagement remains same, using the tools in place. Regular calls and interactions will continue as normal. 

Despite the condition, we stay focussed on conveying the most elevated levels of service and uptime to the entirety of our clients and where conceivable will cooperate to limit the effect of COVID-19 on your own business and team.

Advice for being protective towards coronavirus disease (COVID-19) can be found in the link below:

Most of all – stay safe.

Sean Price – CEO of Velez Managed Services