COVID-19 – Whilst the world is going through a difficult time of panic due to the current pandemic, many people have discovered that most of their daily tasks and routines can be done from the kitchen or home office. 

With online classes being held in Zoom, Slack or even Teams, people working from home are using these platforms, so their businesses continue to operate, keeping up and running is paramount meanwhile Universities are able to make sure that their students are not missing classes.  

The likes of Zoom Video Communications Inc has seen incredible growth in stock market value as a result of COVID-19 and the pandemic.

It should be remembered that behind these platforms there are large Data Centres and hardware infrastructure which need maintenance, configuration and increased hardware capacities from storage to network devices including firewalls so security is brought up to an even higher level of standards during these times of uncertainty.

At Velez Managed Services we are managing projects and expectations globally, maintaining and delivering projects from Managed Services offerings, Data Centre Maintenance, Break Fix support across the globe.

First and foremost we must be safe, practise social distancing and everything we have to do in order to rid the world of this situation and for businesses we must ensure our IIT infrastructure is built properly, maintained and secure. because not only now, but on the other side of this pandemic – your infrastructure, employees and customers will need you to be operational.