As a premier Third Party Maintenance provider operating from the UK but servicing contracts globally – our network of stocking locations is crucial to the success of our rapid delivery and service delivery KPIs.

These locations or ‘mini-warehouses’ allow Velez Managed Services to hold parts globally in strategically located positions to best suit the SLAs of our growing client base around the world.

It can be extremely challenging for global organisations to do efficient logistics internationally in order to get products and parts around the world quickly. If a server fails and equipment breaks down for a customer in Spain, shipping replacement parts from our main warehouse can be slow and costly.

We are tremendously proud to have added a significant number of stocking locations to our portfolio ahead of moving into 2020. Velez Managed Services operate in countries around the globe adhering to tight SLAs both for on site engineering but also shipping hardware and parts to meet engineers. With this in mind an investment was made to increase our availability of stocking locations globally.

Forward Stocking Locations
Stocking Locations Globally

Contact us if you require assistance in stocking parts globally or speak to one of our team today about ensuring your SLAs are met with a professional team of service delivery professionals.