We are immensely proud to have the fortitude to support our customers globally in over 160+ countries with engineering and technical resources capable of delivering break fix support without the need to compromise on quality as is often the case. Fortitude know as having courage in pain or adversity – often seen to be the way in these modern days of dealing with global infrastructure.

Our engineering resources are qualified, trained and have the necessary background checks in place to ensure that when Velez make a promise to a client to deliver outstanding support – we do exactly that.

Need an engineer in London to support your data centre needs? Give us a call.

Its all too common place in our industry to believe that doing global support is easy, that as long as you have a laptop, phone and a phone number you can deliver fast, efficient and reliable service. The truth is it takes decades of knowledge surrounding systems, vendors, country specific regulations and how to best serve the customer in those locations.

Global Fortitude
Global Service Delivery – Done Right.

Our global operations team alone sits in multiple office locations, with 24 hour coverage and not outsourced to a third party but our own team members ready to pick up on any incident that comes into our help desk. This very helpdesk, unlike many others in our sector that rely on carbon copies of their competitors systems has been built from the group up, unique, fast and transparent.

Telecom engineer in Switzerland? Not a problem.

We encourage our customers to have open access to view their support tickets, the activity going on within them and most importantly communicate with us in the manner that fits them.

Have a support issue to raise? Call us, email us, drop us a line on Facebook messenger if thats your preference – it all gets logged into our support system so we know how to best support you.