Many business owners, especially small business owners, are still reluctant in outsourcing. The truth is that they grew in a time where software outsourcing was something intangible for small businesses. However, and fortunately, this is no longer the case. The reality is that it is a common practice, all over the world, for companies to outsource IT. After all, this doesn’t only allow companies to decrease their costs as it can also bring innovation to their business. In addition, it is also a great help that allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business. But why there are so many business owners who don’t even consider IT outsourcing as an option? Why are they so reluctant?Here are the top 4 preconceived ideas many business owners still have inwhat concerns IT outsourcing:


#1: IT Outsourcing Is Only For The Big Players:

As we mentioned above, there are still many business owners who believe that IT outsourcing is only meant for big companies. They believethat they don’t have the resources to outsource so they prefer to keep anIT team in-house. However, they are only looking at the costs of the IT outsourcing. They are forgetting about the costs of hiring IT professionalsand keep training them. In addition, there is also all the infrastructure that is necessary.


#2: IT Outsourcing Is A Synonym Of Poor Quality Work:

In case you don’t know, some of the countries that make the top 20 for IToutsourcing include Ukraine, Belarus, And Brazil. So, you can be sure thatwhile you may hire an extremely talented European or American, this doesn’t mean that the quality work delivered by an IT professional from these countries will be inferior. In most cases, it will actually be superior. Besides, you have the cost factor on your side. These are usually poor countries with lower salaries.


#3: IT Outsourcing Is Only For Tech Companies:

Again, this is one preconceived idea that has no truth in it. After all, we keep seeing more and more companies, for a wide range of industries, outsourcing IT. But they are also outsourcing other services. Some companies are looking for outsourcing areas like human resources, real estate, business legal, among many others.



#4: IT Outsourcing Teams Don’t Communicate Easily In English:

There are different things that contribute to this wrong idea. The first oneis the fact that as a business owner, you understand how communication is crucial in business. In the second place, you believe that you will be dealing only with IT professionals who don’t speak English properly since they live in countries where English isn’t their main language. While we understand and stand by you in what concerns the first idea, we couldn’t disagree more about what concerns the second. The truth is that many different countries already include English as a mandatory language at school. So, while you may have heard some terrible stories from companies who outsourced IT and then the team wasn’t able to communicate properly, this hardly ever happens nowadays.