Kosbit Ltd – April 6th 2020 – Velez Managed Services Ltd, London

As part of ambitious growth plans for 2020/2021, third party maintenance solutions provider Velez Managed Services have purchased certain assets of Kosbit Ltd.

I’m really happy that we were able to bring Kosbit Ltd into the Velez Managed Services Ltd business model as there are a lot of things we wish to achieve with this and will become more apparent as time goes on.

Sean Price – CEO of Velez Managed Services

This signifies a move in which the combined efforts of the Velez Managed Services Ltd management team along with the parts, logistics and warehousing side of the business are able to operate in a way as such that a more robust, diverse and enhanced business can move forward.

Having worked on international projects across the globe around BPO and Managed IT services, when I joined Velez and became part of the management team one of the things that always spoke to me was the vision of where the group was heading. Bringing Kosbit Ltd into the group and aligning our values with what we want to achieve with this business means we have a very exiting future ahead.

Albion Sutaj – Business Development Director of Velez Managed Services Ltd

Further plans for expansion and the Kosbit Ltd involvement will be announced in Q3 2020.