Velez Managed Services with offices in the UK and EMEA, recently acquired a strategic office location in Kosovo which sits in the Balkan region of South Eastern Europe.

Pristina the capital city of Kosovo, a location which has a buzzing technology community was chosen as the location for our 2019 European expansion due to a number of key factors including not only the beautiful location, ample space in which to grow but the thriving community of talented engineers and high level knowledge workers in the region.

Whilst many international organisations within Kosovo look towards cheap labour and ‘outsourcing’ opportunities this leaves many potential employees concerned about their future as they rely on a single project usually with a defined end date and used merely as low cost workers.

The Velez office, is a place for talented people to grow and develop their skillsets, to not be defined by a single project or vendor and to enjoy a career rich in education and future prospects.

Having interviewed many project managers, engineers, finance and more over the last few months as we build up our in-country staff – its evident that so many have come from outsourcing companies with the wrong values at heart.

At Velez we want to work together with the best in the region, build trust, help people grow in skills and confidence and together put Kosovo on the map as a place to live and work.

Albion Sutaj – Kosovo Managing Director for Velez

A top tier academic education isn’t the only benefit, multilingual youth coming out of education having been taught by British or American tutors mean communication is a powerful tool for global business and one less thing to worry about. Our model is to take intelligent people from the region, assist in that career path and take what has been taught in education and put in the real world experience.

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