Data Erasure

Why it matters?

It can be difficult to comprehend the scale of the average company’s data footprint. Today, organisations must manage local hard drives, multi-disk servers, and tape backups as well as mobile devices, memory cards, and virtual environments in the cloud. It’s more important than ever that organisations manage every bit of their data securety – and in compliance with regulations – not just in storage and transit, but also at the end of its lifecycle.


Identify a secure end-of-life data erasure solution

Velez provides a complete variety of data erasure solutions to ensure the permanent deletion of your data.
From do-it-yourself erasure software, in-house destruction services, and hardware products, we can customise an erasure solution to ensure your organisation has a cost-effective and secure data erasure process in place.


Secure data erasure service

Whether you’re repurposing or disposing of hard disk drives or solid-state devices that have reached their end of life, Velez’s advanced erasure methods ensure sensitive data is securely erased. Our years of experience and proprietary tools allow us to address inaccessible data storage areas, thoroughly purging components that many commercial software programmes are unable to analyse.

Erasure verification services

Ensuring the total erasure of all data is key for organisations. Velez’s erasure verification service will independently audit your data erasure process, ensuring your current methods are effectively destroying all traces of data, giving you peace of mind when repurposing or disposing of media.

Conducted by our industry-leading data recovery engineers, our erasure verification service guarantees information security safeguards against data breaches and ensures your erasure methods comply with data privacy regulations.

Why choose erasure software ?

Destroys data from all the storage media
HDD, SDD, flash, mobile, cloud, virtual, RAID, LUN.
Detailed data erasure reports
Tamper-proof reports to prove successful erasure and comply with legal auditing requirements.
Fully certified
Our solutions are approved by NATO, DoD, INFOSEC, and many more.
Cost effective
Customise your licence to meet your requirements. Pay only for what you need to erase.
Hardware solutions

Our hardware solutions are perfect for damaged magnetic media, SSDs, or flash-based devices. Developed as a total data destruction solution, our degaussers and shredders will effectively erase volumes of media in a production environment.