Recruiting globally is how we achieve the best results for our business. We believe that people are our most important assets and taking care of them is our top priority as a business. Whilst many businesses may have great products or services to offer, without their people they could not do any of it well. Therefore, the secret to being an effective industry leader comings down to hiring, training and retaining the best people out there.

In order to build a great team, you need to search with your own style in mind and be very detail oriented when it comes to their personality, professionalism and culture fit.


When hiring and recruiting globally, we want to make sure that candidates understand our social environment. We have a friendly team across multiple offices who can all be their own individuals as well as still being a team, a spirit we want to keep and so our next team member needs to be a perfect match. As a result, we try to be creative in finding the ways to truly understand how a person thinks, while interviewing him and not solely rely on a CV or educational background.

Whilst some might consider jumping into a sit down interview as a first stage, we typically follow practice of an initial phone interview prior to meeting candidates so initial impressions are more likely to be based content of their answer than their appearance or any bias.

We often hold interviews in informal locations such as cafes or restaurants close to the office before bringing candidates inside the building, so we get to know them better and their behaviours when interacting with other people before being overwhelmed in an office environment. It is important to us that the new team members treat people equal regardless of their title or background.

We try to put candidates in situations where they are more likely to show their true selves, by interacting while in interviews, and sharing personal experiences. By this we can understand if the candidate is genuinely interested in the work of the organisation. We think that strict Q&A method harms our talent searches.

However, consider it as a tip, to ask the question: what is the biggest misperception people have about you?! If people are self-aware, then they can always continue to grow. If not, it is harder for them to evolve or adapt beyond who they already are.


When new team members join us, we make sure we put them together with professionals already in the business to shadow them, so they can get the best out of them, and their training is being given properly.

We believe that each employee should have their way of operating and no pressure should be given to change someone. The best outcome usually comes from people being their total selves, and we support that as much as we can. We are always there for support and mentoring when needed and put a large emphasis on this throughout the process.


When we hire a new member of the team, the first week is all about onboarding and getting to know the work and environment. After which, there is a consistent level of training provided towards their duties and how their duties can best be performed to our standards. Then, after some mock pitch exercises, they continue their journey independently, always with the support of the company.

After a certain of time, we provide additional external trainings usually around mutually agreed areas of interest and we let them choose the courses themselves and a feedback loop internally to ensure quality of training as well as impact throughout the business to keep growing the culture that we have created, via calls, email, and quick chats.


After the new members have spent some time with us and settled in, it is important for us to get some feedback from them as well. We often hold 1-2-1 meetings with our team on a regular basis so we can listen to any concerns but most importantly their ideas. New ideas are always welcomed and when people can help to create positive change in their workplace, they are more likely to stick around and feel valued for contributing to the greater good.


Growth varies from person to person and on their desire to learn more. We have a healthy focus on personal development and keep track on what our team have accomplished so far and where they are heading in their personal development. Each of our team members get at least 6-month performance appraisal whereas they can see what they achieved so far and what else they can do in the future, so they don’t feel like all their journey is not being recognised. This is all documented and reviewed, so when the next one comes, we compare their growth and stimulate for more.

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