One of the primary reasons we came up with the idea of Velez 2020 was because its all too common for businesses to sponsor a sports team shirt or do something in the name of charity that’s actually benefiting the business more so in publicity.

It is very easy to put your name on a roller banner ‘supporting’ a local cause but the reality of it is that you are doing very little to draw attention to the charity or organisation itself. Thinly veiled attempts at self promotion and marketing dubbed as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are not nearly as effective as a genuine offer of support ought to be.

It was with this in mind, rather than place our logo on a shirt or put our branding on a leaflet at the nearest cake bake we decided to put our own money, time and sweat into doing something real and valuable for our chosen charities.

“So in 2020 – I will personally be doing 20 sporting events mostly around running, cycling and triathlon to raise money for Macmillan the cancer care charity responsible for so much incredible work for those who are impacted by cancer.” Find out more here.

Sean Price – CEO Velez Managed Services

I have opted to dedicate 2020 to not only growing our incredible team which spreads across multiple countries right now but to give back with the same passion and enthusiasm that I do in my commitment to my team and family members.

I will be sharing a lot more over the coming weeks around this but if you can find it in your heart today to donate something to this incredible cause please click here or here or even here, maybe even the picture below and lets do the right thing, together.

Macmillan Cancer Support