Third Party Maintenance (TPM) providers such as Velez Managed Services have many upsides from the simple lowering of costs from what an OEM may provide or being able to customise your SLAs without compromising on the service delivery is just a key component of why organisations across the globe have chosen to work with Velez Managed Services.

Customers often find third party maintenance provides beyond just the cost savings, with fewer contracts and points of contacts to reason with when there is a query – Velez provides a far more streamlined approach to managing infrastructure and assets across global estates.

Many organisations forget the basics – auditing the existing infrastructure. Almost always a first priority working with Velez is to identify what the estate actually has, often to the surprise of many clients when uncovering legacy hardware/software that was once thought to have been removed or replaced.

Personal consultations with clients help to identify and diagnose the current condition and view of their data centres or global infrastructure. Recommendations can be made on how to manage multi-vendor estates and avoid gaps in maintenance or service delivery through our regular audits and client discussions.

With Velez Managed Services third party maintenance, customers can customise contracts the way you like it and SLAs to suit your business mean that working along side Velez we help to provide straightforward and easy to understand contracts, goals and roadmaps for our clients. Putting peace of mind at the forefront by allowing easy access to available spare parts locally across locations worldwide from legacy hardware to the latest pieces of technology including on-site spares for those instances where time is truly of the essence.

“Rapid response teams pick up on tickets 24/7/365 and customers have access to our always-on cloud support portal where you can view existing contracts, assets, tickets and status updates.”

Trevor Hempell – VP Operations