Host of The Truth About Business Podcast Benjamin Brain sat down with CEO of Velez Managed Services Sean Price recently to find out – what are the ‘real’ truths behind what goes on in businesses. What are the things people never really share.

“The business has experienced rapid growth, already becoming an internationally renowned player in the managed services field and being recognised by the top advisory firms in the world with the team being officially recognised by Gartner in September 2019.

Sean now spends a large amount of time travelling around the globe spending time with his team and meeting with multi-million dollar business owners and CEOs in the states to secure new sales contracts and pick the brains of some extraordinary high performance people.”

Read more on some of the insights Sean and Benjamin discussed on the recent episode of The Truth About Business podcast and listen to the podcast in Apple Podcasts.

The Truth About Business

Notable Quotes:

“Put your people first above all else.”

“Spend as much time training and developing your team as you do on looking at your P&L.”

“You’ve got to have empathy with your team and they’ve got to have it with you.”

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