It should come as no surprise, that being such advocates of the Service Industry Association (SIA) – that we here at Velez took it upon ourselves to invest in the areas we are passionate about and become the latest organisation to become a sponsor of the SIA.

Velez Becomes SIA Sponsor

Our mission at Velez is to provide fantastic service delivery to our customers without impacting on the quality of our engineering capabilities. We have been engaged with the SIA for sometime and always found that whether its a phone call to another member to discuss how things are shaping up in APAC or taking advice on how best to deliver services in a country that maybe relatively new to us – the SIA always has someone who is able to assist.

In times like this where the industry is so incredibly vibrant and filled with exciting opportunities – at Velez we pride ourselves on service delivery far more than we do on revenue.

If our customers are not happy then neither are we. To ensure we are able to keep ahead of the curve we not only wanted to be members of the SIA but sponsors too and commit ourselves to working closely to do our part in helping shape the industry at large.

Dan Orton – VP Global Sales

With so many fantastic organisations as paying members of the SIA, we are all committing to doing better for the industry and by becoming a sponsor of the organisation we want to ensure that we commit ourselves further still.

The SIA talks about the following key points as being critical in what it can help to provide and shape:

Insight –A unique understanding of the marketplace and trends

Business Development –Forums for businesses to connect directly and indirectly, creating opportunities to grow revenue, capabilities, and service offerings

Credibility –Expertise from association with the association, directly and indirectly, through the associations’ thought leadership, PR, and other communications’ mediums

Information –Data, benchmarks, and related information that can be applied to member organizations’ businesses to help drive improvements and growth

Advocacy –Promotion of user choices, effective cooperation between manufacturers, independent service organizations, users, and customers, and adoption of new technologies, processes, and programs for the service supply chain.

The Service Industry Association’s strives is to enhance the high technology industry by promoting an open environment of interdependence and co-operation between manufacturers, independent servicers and users by providing value-adding solutions for customers.

The association’s thought leadership, access to best practices and research, advocacy, annual and regional meetings, and partnerships give members the information and access to peers, partners, and competitors to set business strategy and develop relationships that support personal and professional growth objectives.

Service Industry Association Website

We are incredibly happy to be a sponsor for 2019/2020 of the SIA and we look forward to meeting more members at every event and hopefully having compelling conversations with more service companies around the world who would benefit from joining the SIA.

If you have any questions whatsoever – please don’t hesitate to contact us about it – we love to share!