Sean Price, Chief Executive Office & SIA Board Of Directors Member.

May 1st 2019, a very special day for our Chief Executive Officer Sean Price who was today elected to the Service Industry Associations (SIA) Board Of Directors.

Sean Price joins up with fellow SIA attendees.

The Service Industry Association (SIA) was founded in 1985 as the leading trade association for companies involved in the repair of technology hardware, and in support of the development of our high tech service industry. The association was formed to provide business-to-business networking opportunities to promote partnerships between member companies, something it continues to do to this day.

Currently, the SIA houses over 140 members. The Service Industry Association hosts some of the worlds biggest organisations, many of which are involved in the TPM (Third Party Maintenance) and ISO (Independent Services Operator) markets. Each member shares the vision of the SIA which is that by 2022, the SIA will be the global community where Independent Service Provider executives come for insight, collaboration and networking, and it’s already well on its way.

Sean having owned his own computer before he hit the age of 5 brings over 2 decades of experience in IT & Managed Services to the table as he joins up with the SIA to shape their very exciting future as the continue towards the associations vision. Having been a regular face in the service industry, joining the SIA seemed like a natural transition. Speaking from the SIA’s event in Las Vegas, Sean said”

“I’m delighted to be joining the Service Industry Association’s Board Of Directors as well as bringing Velez in as a member, it’s something I’m really excited about as we can now look at what we can do with the industry and how we can shape some of the things going on right now.”

Sean Price, CEO Velez Managed Services.

Sean remains in Vegas for another few days before heading back to London before planning for the SIA’s Canada Regional Roundtable event this coming August.

Velez Becomes SIA Sponsor