London, Monday December 2nd 2019 – Velez Managed Services Ltd has completed its acquisition of a European LLC to strengthen its support and managed services operations in a bid to enhance the organisations global presence.

The addition of resources and technology that will be added to Velez Managed Services Ltd as part of the deal will mean that both service and sales will see a vast improvement in technology and resource improvement to aid growth into 2020 as more companies rely on the managed services and break fix support from Velez Managed Services Ltd.

Bridging the gap between the UK and our European office through this acquisition means that we can comfortably continue expansion in 2020 and do so following our very proud ethos of doing right by the customer first time, every time.

The team and I are very pleased to be working together on this and bringing a very exciting 2019 to a close with this great news.

Sean Price (CEO of Velez Managed Services Ltd)

Moving into 2020 Velez Managed Services Ltd will continue to expand with new locations, additional career openings and further opportunities across EMEA and APAC specifically. The break fix and managed services delivered by Velez Managed Services Ltd has been incredible growth in 2019 and customer satisfaction remains at an all time high.

Velez Managed Services Ltd can be found in the 2019 Gartner report for data centre and third party maintenance as a recognised provider for EMEA.